Loved One Been Arrested? 4 Reasons A Judge May Refuse A Bail Request

21 May 2019
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If your loved one has been arrested but their bail was denied, the first thing you need to do is find out why that decision was made. In most cases, bail will be offered as a way to get out of police custody while a criminal case is proceeding through the court system. However, there are times when a judge will deny bail altogether. Here are just four of the reasons why your loved one may have had their bail request denied.

They've Jumped Bail in the Past

If your loved one has been arrested in the past and jumped bail while they were out of police custody, there's an increased chance that a judge will deny bail for the current arrest. Judges aren't inclined to offer bail to people who have jumped bail in the past. Not only that, but repeat offenders often have their bail requests denied or bail is set significantly higher than it would be under other circumstances.

They Have Ties to Areas Outside the State

If your loved one has ties to an area outside of the state where the arrest was made or holds a valid passport, they may have their request for bail denied by the judge. Those situations increase the likelihood that your loved one will pose a flight risk — meaning they'll flee to another state or country to avoid prosecution.

Their Citizenship Is in Question

If your loved one has a questionable citizenship status here in the United States, they will not be offered bail. In most cases, immigration courts will get involved in the case and prevent the offer of bail. If your loved one is denied bail due to their assumed citizenship status and you know that they have citizenship here in the United States, you should present that evidence as soon as possible.

They Had an Outburst in Court

If your loved one acted out at their bail hearing, the judge may have decided to refuse bail. Judges have it at their discretion to deny bail to anyone who acts out or is disrespectful during court hearings. This is particularly true when the behavior is disruptive or violent in nature.

If your loved one has been denied bail, it's important that you take steps to fix the situation. You can pop over here to find help with bail bonds. A local bail bond service can help you find available options that will help you obtain a bail release for your loved one.