3 Ways To Build Your Credit Steadily

20 July 2021
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Credit scores are an ever-present part of financing a modern life. If you have a good credit score, it can save you thousands of dollars in interest on a home, a car, or another type of loan. Credit shows up in background checks for jobs and renting property, too. Even if you're trying to start a business, there's a good chance the issue will pop up at some point. Given how ubiquitous credit is in American society, it's important to know how to foster it. Read More 

Why Valuation Is Different For Alternative Items

22 March 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

When you own or are interested in purchasing an alternative item of some type — such as a collector's item — then you might be interested in having that item valuated. There are basic methods that can be used for valuation of various types of property, but valuation can be a bit different for alternative items. Fortunately, because there is a difference for the reasons below and more, you can hire someone who specializes in alternative valuation. Read More