2 Good Reasons To Get A Payday Loan And How To Make Them Work For You

28 November 2016
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Sometimes you need cash and don't have many options. Perhaps you have bad or no credit and you can't find someone to give you a loan. Maybe you feel uncomfortable asking friends or family for money, or maybe you have and they have turned you down. Well, the solution is a payday loan. You might have read that these should be avoided, but that is not always the case. In some situations it is absolutely necessary that you get money immediately, otherwise you can end up with even more substantial financial woes. Below are two classic examples of situations where you should use a payday loan and one tip on how to make this loan work for you and not end up paying too much interest.

Your Car Has A Big Repair And You Need It To Get To Work

If you live in an area without public transportation, then you need your car to get to work. Without a working car, you might end up losing your job. This can spin into a very dangerous situation where you risk not having the money to pay for food, utilities, and even rent. You can see how dire the situation will be. So, a broken car is one of those situations that really needs to be handled quickly. A payday loan center will front you the money immediately and you can use this to get your car up and running. This will ensure that you don't lose your job and you have the money to continue on living.

You Have A Utility Bill Due And They Are Going To Cut Service

Another area that you might need to use a payday advance for is if your utility's are being cut off. Not only can this put your in a very uncomfortable situation, but it might incur future charges for re-hooking up the utilities that make the payday advance worth the trouble. If you have spoken to the utility company, and they won't work with you and establish a payment plan, then you should go ahead and use a payday advance to keep your utilities running.

How To Make Payday Advance Loans Work For You

  • Have Funds Ready In Your Checking Account

When you get a payday loan, you will have to write a personal check to the company issuing you the loan. When the time comes for the check to be cashed, you want the money to be in your account. You don't want to have a check bounce and end up with extra fees due to a bounced check.

  • Know What The APR and Fee Is

When applying for a payday loan, you need to know two items. First, what is the APR. While payday loans will have high APRs, you should still shop around and find the lowest rate possible. Secondly, many payday loan companies tack on a special fee. This is outside of the interest rate. So, a company might advertise a low APR but end up having exorbitant one time fees.

  • Pay It Off Immediately And Avoid The Debt Trap Cycle

Critics of these types of loans all speak about the negatives of ending up in debt. The high interest rates add up and you end up paying lots of interest and not paying off the principal. The simple way to avoid this is apparent, yet many people seem to not think of it. Simply save money between the start of the loan and the due date. It is extremely important to pay off the loan on time so that you don't enter into the debt cycle.

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